What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Black Cat?

You’re on this page because you had a dream about a black cat. You’re curious enough to want to find out exactly what it means, if anything. Some say it’s good luck, some say it’s bad. Which is it, exactly? Read on, with an open mind – and with some discernment.

1. You don’t trust yourself

If you dreamed of a black cat, it could mean that you don’t trust yourself. You don’t trust your instincts. Your gut gives you signals and messages that could propel you forward in life, but you’re so afraid to act because you honestly think whatever move you make will be the wrong one.

You need to begin trusting your intuition. Intuition is knowledge that we do not get through logic or conscious thought. It’s always spot on. It’s that thing that tells you to get in the next lane, only to have you avoid an accident seconds later. You can trust it. You can trust yourself..

2. You might need to delay your travel and business plans

Some people believe dreaming about a black cat shortly before travel, is a herald of bad news. Are you about to embark on a trip? Are you about to sign off on some seemingly lucrative business deal?

Take a moment, and maybe a few more. Wait it out, until it feels right again. If you don’t buy into this, we suppose it’s fine for you to go ahead and travel or transact, but if things don’t work out well, perhaps take your next black cat dream a bit more seriously.

3. You might need to distance yourself from certain people

Is there someone in your waking life, whom you  have a bad, or off feeling about? Perhaps you might want to give them a wide berth.

Dreaming of black cats can signify that there’s someone in your life who has anything but your best interests at heart. This is the case especially if you dream the cat seemed friendly, only for it to suddenly reach out and scratch you something fierce.

4. You’re losing touch with reality

Perhaps there’s something bad and getting worse in your life, but you’ve chosen to turn a blind eye to it. You’d rather be a Pollyanna than look at the issues you’re currently facing so you can deal with them head on.

A dream about a black cat is asking you to open your eyes and face the reality of your life. Only then can you set about actively creating the reality you prefer, rather than denying it and hoping it all goes away eventually.

5. You just might be psychic

In certain circles, black cats signify psychic abilities. If you’ve been dabbling into paranormal practices, and researching them, then it’s not weird to have this sort of dream at all.

You might have happened upon some literature that says black cats are important symbols in paranormal activity. Maybe you need to check yourself and see if you’re being psychic.

Or – and this is perhaps the more likely option – you’re taking this all a little too seriously, and you need to see point number 4.