What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Dead Relative?

Most of us have lost someone in our lives, that was a relative. A lot of us have had dreams of our dead relatives, so this is nothing new. Yet, you might be wondering if these dreams hold any true significance for you.

Might they perhaps have an important message to share with you? Are they trying to communicate with you from the other side? What exactly could be causing you to have dreams of them at this particular time?

Here are a few possible meanings of your dreams about a dead relative. Keep in mind interpreting dreams is a very subjective thing, and is also based on context, so be sure to take this all in with a pinch of salt.

1. You miss them

Did you just lose this relative? Or if you didn’t just lose them, were they really close and special to you, when you were alive? Then chances are you’re simply dreaming of them right now because you really miss them.

When someone is such a huge part of our lives, and they suddenly leave us, they leave a pretty big hole that might never be really filled. It’s only natural to be obsessed with them, with everything that reminds us about them

It’s natural to wish they were still around. Constantly thinking of them, and missing them, it’s only natural to dream of them.

2. You’re  being comforted

Are you going through a trying period in your life right now? Do you feel like you have no one you can lean on, or talk to, and no one really understands what it is you’re going through?

Is the dead relative who appeared in your dream, someone who was always there for you when the going got rough? Then chances are you’re being offered some comfort.

Some say, it’s the actual souls of our loved ones, coming to visit us. Others say it could simply be the subconscious mind’s way of trying to offer you the comfort you need, and letting you know everything will be okay.

Either way, if in your dream, being with them made you feel at ease, relieved, and safe, and they had a smile or a happy disposition, then you were being offered comfort that you so badly need.

3. You’re being warned

Are you about to embark on something that could be potentially life changing? A marriage? A divorce? A new business deal? Seeing your loved one shortly before you embark on whatever important decision you’ve made, could be a warning.

This is especially true, if their presence in your dream felt more ominous than joyful. It could be a way for your subconscious mind to let you know that you’re about to do something you’ll seriously regret, and you should back out now, while you still can.

4. You’re being prepared for the unexpected

Death is certainly one of those things that are expected, yet not expected. We are all aware on a deeper level that our time will come, for us, and those we love, even if we choose not to face it.

When you lost your relative, there’s a chance it came unexpectedly. Even when it’s to something such as a terminal disease, sometimes, we will fight to believe that they will beat it, and when they don’t, their death still comes as a shock.

If you have a dream about a dead relative, it could be you are being readied for something in your life that will be unexpected. It might be good, it might be bad, but it definitely will be a surprise worth being ready for.

5. You’re feelign depressed or guilty

If before your dead relative passed, things were not that great between the two of you, then chances are that your dream of them simply is a reflection of the guilt you feel at not having reconciled with them before their passing. It could also double as a sign of your depression, caused by their demise.

You might feel like you’ve dealt with it just fine, but dreaming of them could be an outlet for you to actually face the unresolved feelings their absence has caused you,.