What Does It Mean When You Dream about Being Chased?

It’s almost certain that everyone has had dreams of being chased at some point in their life, whether by an animal, a villain, or some other threat. Do these dreams of being chased have any possible meaning? Read on to find out!

As always, remember that a lot of dream meanings are entirely subjective, and based on the context in which they happen. So be sure to add a healthy sprinkle of salt, as you read and learn.

1. You’re worried about something

If you have a dream about being chased by some people, or even zombies, then it simply could be a reflection of the worry you feel about some real-life situation you’re going through.

You might be facing financial challenges, or having your position at work threatened, or even concerned about something that is going south in your friendships or your love life. It’s up to you to evaluate what it might be you’re concerned about, and how you can set about fixing things.

2. Some misfortune is about to befall you

Dreaming about being chased by aliens? Then this could be either a reflection of the fear you feel about something bad you think is about to happen to you, or it could be a precognitive dream, warning you about the calamity before hand.

Your subconscious mind could be preparing you, so that you have the strength to face whatever it might be coming your way.

3. You’re trying to break free of old habits

Or, you need to break free of certain habits. Being chased in the dream could simply be a reflection of your fight to stop certain habits that you feel are detrimental to your life. It could be that you need to let go of some behavioural patterns which simply do not serve you at all.

4. You need to take action immediately

Is there something you’ve been meaning to do, but have postponed, and procrastinated on, for whatever reason?

If you’re dreaming repeatedly of being chased, then it might be that now is the time to just go for it! You’re being plagued by these dreams, because you’re supposed to act on your impulses, if you hope to achieve all you need to in your life.

5. You’ve been suppressing your anger

If you’re carrying a lot of anger about someone or some situation, then having a dream about being chased is not unusual. While people generally feel it is not proper to express your anger, the truth is it’s actually a healthy thing to do.

Not saying you should explode whenever you feel like it, but at the same time, bottling up how you feel will only lead you to implode. It’s not weird that your subconscious is showing you you’re running away from how you feel, by being chased.

So if you sense this is you, seek ways that you can constructively address whatever it is that is angering you in your life – without hurting yourself, or others, in the process.