What Does It Mean When You Dream about Being Kidnapped?

Ever had a dream about being kidnapped? Those sure are some scary dreams, aren’t they? It’s only natural that you want to know the meaning of your kidnap dreams.

Are they something you should be concerned about? Or could it be that you had just watched a movie about being kidnapped, so you have nothing to worry about? What, if anything, is the meaning of your dream?

1. You’re scared that you’ll lose your freedom

Not being free goes along with the “being kidnapped” territory. Is there a new project, or person in your life, that makes you feel you’re no longer going to have the freedoms you’re used to?

This could simply be your subconscious mind’s way of reflecting how you feel to you. Or it could be a warning, that something you’re about to get engaged in, will leave you tied up in really unpleasant ways.

2. You’re going to experience some good luck

That doesn’t seem plausible, does it? Well, it could be the case – if you dream about being kidnapped, and find you’re not afraid of your kidnapper, it could be a sign that good things are well on their way to you.

These good tidings may take you out of the life you’ve been used to, and put you in much better, more desirable circumstances.

Usually, when you want to change something about your life for the better, it will involve a change in routine, and in thought. A radical change of being. Being kidnapped could signify that change. Your subconscious could be telling you to keep an eye out for the opportunities coming your way!

3. You’re afraid of being kidnapped

It could well be that you’ve been paying a little too much attention to negative messages from the news, papers, and other media about kidnappings.

Or maybe you watched a movie or overheard a conversation about someone being kidnapped earlier in the day, and your dream is nothing more than your subconscious mind processing that information.

It could be reflecting your fears of being taken against your will back at you. Be mindful what you listen to or watch or read, especially just before you fall asleep. Usually, your dreams will be full of the last thoughts you had, before you crossed over to LaLa Land.

4. You’re about to get married

Sometimes, people have dreams about being kidnapped when they’re about to get married. Sometimes, these dreams are precognitive, meaning the subconscious mind is aware that one way or another, someone is going to pop the question, and the answer will be yes.

Other times, it’s simply a reflection of your mind being in the state of a married person.

5. You feel like you’re being manipulated in your life

A dream in which you’re kidnapped, could simply be a reflection of your thoughts about being manipulated. You suspect that there’s someone behind the scenes in your life, who is orchestrating things that you simply do not enjoy. At times, it could be beyond suspicion.

Perhaps there really is someone who is pulling the strings in your life, and you’re well aware of that person, but feel utterly helpless to do anything other than let them continue to toy with you like a real-life puppet.