What Does It Mean When You Dream about Being Pregnant?

Dreams are a great way of processing the events of our daily lives. If you’re facing challenges in anyway, dreams allow you to better deal with things, and can even be rather insightful, if you begin paying attention.

So you’ve had a pregnancy dream, and you’re not quite sure what meaning it might hold for you. Not to worry. Here are a few possible meanings of your pregnancy dream. Remember, as with all other dreams, meaning is largely dependent on the context, so take all this with a pinch of salt.

1. You’re expecting a baby

Your subconscious mind could be alerting you to the fact that you are pregnant. It has an uncanny way of figuring things out way ahead of when we become fully conscious of the fact. If you feel this may be the case, then it’s time to whip out that pregnancy test kit and find out for sure.

2. You’re about to become incredibly rich

Being pregnant in a dream might not necessarily mean you’re actually pregnant. It could also be that you’re about to come into some fortune, especially as being pregnant – especially when you want to be – is seen as a fortunate thing.

One way to know for sure, is to reflect on how you felt about the pregnancy during the dream. Did it feel great? Then chances are riches for you, on the horizon.

3. You’re experiencing growth in your life

Your pregnancy dream could represent some growth in certain aspects of your life that seemed to have been at a stand still for a very, very long time. This can be the case, if you find yourself pregnant while doing something that you find enjoyable or fulfilling in your dream.

Reflect on your life, and see if there might be some areas of it that have been stagnant. Then ask yourself if there’s any room to grow in those areas, and how you might go about it. Then take action!

4. You feel burdened

If in your pregnancy dream, you found yourself feeling heavy, slow, and very uneasy, then the dream could simply be a reflection of how you feel in life.

Perhaps you feel things have been pretty slow for you lately, or you’re just overwhelmed with problem after problem. It’s not too far fetched for you to have a pregnancy dream, if this is the case.

5. You’re becoming a new version of yourself

When you’re pregnant, the child within you is basically made up of… Well, you. But! They’re different too. So your dream could be a sign that you are becoming a brand new version of yourself.

It shows your willingness to adapt, to change, so that you can move forward in life. As you know, if you choose to remain obstinately the same, the world around you will move on and leave you in its dust.

6. New opportunities are coming your way

Pregnancy dreams can signify opportunity. It could be a sign from your subconscious, asking you to take a closer look at your life and embrace the possibilities around you.

There may be certain situations you’re facing at home, or at work, that could very well be the birth of the new, better life that you’re seeking.