What Does It Mean When You Dream about Elevators?

Are you curious about the possible meanings of your elevator dream? You want to be absolutely sure what it means?

Well, dream interpretation is not an exact science. You have to weigh the meaning your dream might have, against the context in which you had the dream, and what you may be currently facing in life.

That said, here are a few likely meanings your elevator dream might have.

1. You’re going to reach great heights in your career

In your dream, were you in an ascending elevator? If your elevator was going to the top floor, then this dream is good news! It means you’re going to do very well in your career and finances.

The top is your destination, and it will be a mostly smooth, and easy ride for you! Bet you’re really glad you came to look up the meaning of your elevator dream now, aren’t you?

2. You’re going to hit rock bottom

If the elevator in your dream was going down, then this could mean bad news for you. Chances are you’re going to go through some lean, hard times – or you’re already going through them, in fact. Your subconscious mind is preparing you for this eventuality. But don’t despair.

The great thing about elevators is they go down, and they go up too. This dream shouldn’t necessarily make you feel frightened or afraid. Besides, it could be nothing serious or alarming.

3. You’re too rigid in your thinking

Were you stuck on an elevator? This means you’re too set in your ways. Your subconscious mind is showing you just how you think. You don’t want to move forward, you don’t want to take a step back. You’re averse to change, and this is preventing you from making strides you otherwise would, if you would simply be a a bit more open-minded.

So if you find yourself stuck in limbo in real life, maybe take a second to evaluate your thinking. Is your mind set on everything? Can you be more flexible? Then be flexible.

4. You’re exploring or ready to explore your shadow self

If the elevator is moving down, slowly, then this is a sign that you are ready to confront that side of yourself you’ve not been willing to acknowledge. We all have within us, our shadow selves. This is the part of us that we deem unlovable, that we refuse to admit we carry about with us.

If you deny this part of yourself, then you move about broken in life, and the result is the inability to truly feel free and while. A dream about being in a slowly descending elevator, means you’re ready to face that side of yourself, and once you do, you’re sure to make progress in all aspects of your life.

5. You are frightened of what your success would imply

Believe it or not, sometimes we get scared of success, and all that comes with it. This might be the case for you, if you dream of being in an elevator that’s ascending, but find that you’re uncomfortable with the speed at which it’s moving. You get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

This dream implies you can succeed, and you will, but you’re uncomfortable with it. The message your subconscious is trying to relay to you, is to get comfortable with your success. There’s nothing wrong with being at the top of your game.