What Does It Mean When You Dream about Getting Robbed?

Have you ever dreamed of being robbed? It could be quite a scary dream, especially if you’ve had to actually live through that experience before. You definitely breathed a huge sigh of relief, when you sat up, looked about your room and realized, “Whew! It was just a crazy dream!”

But! You if your memory of this dream has been bugging you – enough for you to go Googling just what it might mean, then you’ve come to the perfect site! If you’d like to know what your dream could mean, we’ve got you covered.

1. You’re suffering from an identity crisis

There are certain points in our lives, where we begin to wonder just what it is we’re living for, and if we’re on the right path at all.

If you’ve found yourself questioning your life, and your goals, wondering if you’re just fine as you are or need to make some changes, then a dream about being robbed is not far fetched.

Just trust that things will work out, and take a proactive, lighthearted approach toward rediscovering yourself. The identity crisis phase doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride, unless you make it so.

2. You’re afraid of losing something valuable

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Being robbed means you’re having things taken away from you. If you’ve been living with anxiety and fear over the loss of something or someone you deem precious to you, then your subconscious mind is trying to show you where your head’s been at.

It’s also helping you to work through the feelings as best as you can, especially if you’ve been taking the avoidant approach in your waking life. Be thankful for the dreams!

3. You are wasting your resources on something that isn’t worthwhile

It could be a business venture you’re invested time, money, and energy into. Or it could even be a relationship that you have given no less than blood, sweat, and tears to make it work.

If you’re having constant dreams about being robbed, it could be your subconscious mind showing you how you’re letting a person or situation rob you of your happiness and peace of mind. It’s definitely time for you to let them go, before you have nothing left to give.

4. You might soon experience some unprecedented fortune!

It seems counter-intuitive, but it is known that sometimes, dreaming of having your most prized possessions taken away from you, can signify great gain. This is because you’re letting go of the old stuff, and allowing more and better to come your way.

You can be almost certain this is what your dream means, if you find yourself feeling okay or at peace, after the robbery happens in your dream. Weird, yes, but we’re talking about dreams. Dreams are weird.

5. You may feel the good you do never gets reciprocated.

Maybe the people in your life at the moment only ever take, and never give. They’re all to willing to take all you have to offer – and more often than not, you offer all of yourself.

Your dream of being robbed could reflect the dissatisfaction and injustice you feel, at being treated this way. It’s time for you to begin giving to yourself, for a change. There’s nothing wrong with some self-love.