What Does It Mean When You Dream about Getting Shot?

Dreamed about getting shot? Want to find out if it has any meaning? Could it be a warning sign that you’re going to actually get shot, or does it have a more metaphorical meaning?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect site to find out the meaning of your dreams! Let’s dive in and see what it means to get shot in your dreams.

1. You are dealing with the fear of persecution or attack

Living in constant fear of being attacked is no treat. If you’re always worried about being persecuted, justly or unjustly, or being under attack, you might have a dream about getting shot. It only makes sense, since the action of shooting is an attack on you.

However, your fear might not necessarily be of physical attack. It could be you’re afraid of your boss always criticizing you for your work, no matter how hard you try, or your afraid your mother-in-law will once again criticize your cooking while she’s visiting.

So check in with yourself, and see how you can release some of those fears.

2. You may be ashamed of something you’ve done or are about to do

Dreaming of getting shot, can be a way of punishing yourself for something wrong you did in the past, or something you’re thinking of doing, which you feel may not be right, or you may think of as shameful.

If you haven’t done whatever this shameful thing may be yet, you might want to forget about. However, if you have, understand that the past is the past, and you need to forgive yourself, let it go, and move on with your life.

3. You might be about to fall ill

A dream about getting shot, could be a warning from your subconscious mind that you’re about to fall ill. It’s not something to take lightly, in that case. Take stock of how you’ve been feeling lately.

Those little twinges of pain in your chest, or your head that you’ve been ignoring? That burning sensation in your foot? Maybe it’s time to stop pretending like none of that’s happening, and do something about it. Go see a doctor, and adopt a healthier lifestyle than you have had, so far.

4. You are processing some really painful feelings

If in your dream, you saw your assailant about to shoot you, and you just stood there and let it happen, it might mean that there are some old emotional wounds you’ve covered up.

You’ve pretended they don’t exist for far too long that they’ve festered, and now it’s time to face them head on. Your subconscious is bringing them to your attention, so you can really process the feelings, no matter how ugly, and finally move on feeling lighter and happier in your life.

5. You are receiving a warning that you’ve made yourself vulnerable

Was the shot from an arrow, not a gun? Then this could be a warning sign from your subconscious, that you have made yourself open to being manipulated emotionally.

Perhaps there’s something you recently got involved in, or someone you got involved with, despite your gut telling you not to.

If you’re having a dream right after you engaged them in your life, it could be your subconscious telling you to make a break for it, while you can, else you’re in for a whole world of hurt.