What Does It Mean When You Dream about Hiding?

Have you ever had a dream where it was absolutely important that you hid yourself, or someone else, or something? Have these dreams been constant? Constant enough to get you wondering whether there might be a lot more to them than you realize?

Well, we’ll give you a few possible meanings of these dreams. Remember, no matter what dream you have, the meaning will vary based on the context. So careful which one you settle on as the likely meaning! Let’s dive in.

1. You’re hiding from your issues

Everyone has problems, big and small. Some of them are big enough that we don’t even know where to begin addressing them, so we choose to ignore them instead.

When you ignore and repress your issues, they must find some sort of outlet. So, it’s not far-fetched to have a dream in which you have to hide yourself, or hide something.

2. You’re not ready to face an unpleasant truth

It could be that there’s something about yourself, or someone or something you’re involved in, that you’ve chosen to be blind to, because it’s easier. Maybe the person you’re in love with is an absolute jerk and you shouldn’t be with someone like that.

Maybe the way you’ve been handling your finances just isn’t feasible or sustainable. Maybe you have not been as concerned about your health as you should be. When you hide the truth from yourself, because it’s bitter, then you will have dreams about hiding, naturally.

Your subconscious mind is trying to help you come to terms with the ugly truth, so you can take steps to correct whatever it is you need to, to have a better life.

3. You feel insecure

A dream about hiding, could indicate your feelings of insecurity. You only ever hide yourself if you feel unsafe, or hide something if you feel it could be taken away.

So if you’re insecure about your finances, for example, or your looks, your relationships, your friendships, your purpose in life, then those insecurities can pop up in your dreams as situations in which you need to hide yourself, or hide someone else, or hide something.

4. You’re hiding from someone

Have you been trying to avoid someone in real life? Maybe your friend who you owe some money, or your spouse, who’s been on your case about spending more time together, or your boss, who needs you to turn in some important files and documents for some big project.

If you’ve been constantly hiding from someone who makes you feel pressured or worried or unsafe, then it’s natural to have a dream about hiding.

5. You lack control in your life

Hiding dreams are also indicative of the lack of control you have over your life.

When you feel powerless, like you’re being swept along by life’s current and you have nothing to steer with, your subconscious mind can project that in your dreams, by conjuring a situation in which you need to hide from whatever you perceive has the reins of your life, instead of you.

You can choose to change this, by taking steps to commandeer your life! You can start with one aspect at a time, whether it’s finances, physical fitness, better relationships. You can be in control. In fact, you are.