What Does It Mean When You Dream about Losing Hair?

Losing your hair is a really scary and traumatic experience. Especially when it happens in real life, due to health conditions. Now let’s talk about dreams.

How many times have you had your hair come out in clumps, and stared horrified at all the hair in your hands… Only to wake up and realize – thankfully – that it was all just a dream?

What if it’s no ordinary dream though? What if there is more meaning than you realize in dreams about losing your hair?

Read on to find out!

1. You’re worried that you’re not attractive

Think about it. One of the things that makes another person physically attractive, is their hair. How many  times have you heard the saying, “He has a great head of hair?” If your hair looks good, chances are, it makes you look better.

So, dreaming about losing your hair, could be a sign that you feel you’re not so attractive. You could be worried that you’re starting to lose your touch; that people are no longer interested in you that way.  Here’s a tip: stop worrying, and start to see your virtues! We’ve all got good sides to us.

2. You feel completely out of control

Losing hair in your dream is a sign that you’re feeling out of control in your life at the moment. You may be trying desperately to get a handle on things at work, or at the home front, and failing miserably.

If that’s the case, a dream about losing hair is not unnatural to have. Try to let go of things you cannot change or control, and focus on the things you can. Everything else will adjust, eventually.

3. You are really stressed out

Ever heard the saying, “I’m pulling my hair out?” Well that’s something people say when they’re really stressing over some situation. If you’ve been under a lot of pressure and stress, a dream about losing hair is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you you need to find a way to release some steam.

Losing hair is definitely anything but healthy, and is a great way to get the point across to you, in a dream, that you need to relax, else you might find yourself facing serious health issues, on account of the stress you’re going through.

4. You might need to stop being so dependent on others

If you’re the sort of person who is needy, and draws on others before you can act, or feel good about yourself, then dreaming about losing your hair is a clear message from your subconscious mind to just stop!

You need to learn to draw strength from within yourself. You need to learn to pick up after yourself. Go out there and actually make things happen. Make yourself relevant. Try being there for others instead. You might find that to be a nice change – plus the hair loss dreams will stop.

5. You are feeling anxiety over getting old

Growing old is something that happens, but almost everyone is afraid of – some more than others. If you have a dream about losing hair, it could be a reflection of your fear about your age. Maybe you’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately, and noticing your friends and family getting greyer.

Just because everyone’s growing, doesn’t mean you have to be afraid. If anything, you should embrace and enjoy life even more, while you’re here!