What Does It Mean When You Dream about Losing Teeth?

Dreams can be really weird. Perhaps one of the weirdest dreams to have, is about losing your teeth. You’re not young enough or old enough to dream of your teeth falling out, and yet, here you are dreaming about just that!

Would could it possibly mean? You’re going to lose your teeth soon? Relax, you can breathe easy. It’s not about losing your teeth literally. It could mean any number of things.

1. You’re plagued by insecurities

A dream about losing teeth usually indicates you’ve got a lot of insecure thoughts flying about in your head. Think about it. If you had a few teeth missing – in real life – you’d feel insecure about how you must look.

This dream could simply be a reflection of your feelings about your self-worth. Perhaps you don’t feel like you look good enough, for whatever reason. You may feel utterly unattractive, in which case it’s only natural to dream such dreams until you decide to see yourself different.

2. You’re afraid of getting old

When most people think of old age, they think of losing hair and teeth. So, how do you figure out if your dream of losing teeth has anything to do with a fear of growing old? All you need to do is analyze your thoughts, lately.

Have you been thinking about your age? Maybe concerned that you have not quite accomplished enough, and time is running out for you? Maybe you’re noticed everyone around you seems a lot older and you’re afraid because it means you are as well?

Try to come to terms with it. Growing old does not have to be such a bad thing, with the right mindset, and lifestyle choices.

3. You are considering a major decision

You could currently be faced with something you need to act on, that will cause an avalanche of changes in your life you feel too overwhelmed to deal with. You might feel like there are way to many issues to contend with, should you make this decision, and as a result you feel like you’re spiraling out of control.

Losing your teeth in a dream when you’re feeling this way, can either be a reflection of this powerlessness you feel, or in the best of cases, could be that you’re finally choosing to let go of everything holding you back and commit to your decision.

So be sure to reflect on your life at present, and see if there’s anything you need to be decisive about.

4. You’re worried about not having enough security

This could be the case, especially with money. If you’ve been stressing out over finances, feeling like you haven’t got enough tucked away for a rainy day, there’s a chance it’s giving you major anxiety and stress – which is translated in your dreams as losing teeth.

5. You have difficulty expressing yourself

A dream about losing teeth could be a reflection on how hard it is for you to communicate, to express in words what you really mean and feel. You need your teeth to properly enunciate, so without them, whatever you say would come out pretty unclear, right? This could be another possible meaning of the dream.

So take time out and think about this. Do you have problems saying what’s on your mind? Do you constantly “bite back” your words, at your own expense? It mind be time for you to consider speaking up for yourself a little more often.