What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Ex?

It’s not an uncommon phenomenon to dream of your ex lovers, or even friends. Sometimes these dreams are just dreams. Other times, dreams hold incredibly deep meaning that could help you in your waking life.

Let’s explore a few of the possible meanings dreaming of your ex could hold for you.

1. You simply miss them

Sometimes it’s nothing more than that. You have obviously spent a significant portion of your life with this person. You’ve shared your hopes and dreams, your fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities. You have let them see the best of you, and the worst of you.

Their life is significantly intertwined with yours – even though they’re no longer with you. The level of emotional investment you put into your relationship with your ex makes it only natural that you would have dreams of them occasionally, if not often.

Sometimes they happen naturally, because you were thinking about them shortly before you drifted off to sleep.

Other times, dreaming of your ex can hold an important meaning for you, that could just help you improve the quality of your life as a whole, and help you finally move on and break free from the emotional trauma of losing your ex.

2. You’re dealing with the loss

Losing someone is never an easy thing to handle. Some people tend to repress the feelings of the loss, just so they can move on with living. The fact of the matter is, repression is never really healthy and is not the answer. The feelings find some means to express themselves – often in a way that is detrimental.

Dreaming of your ex can be your subconscious mind’s way of helping you come to terms with how you really feel. It helps you face the emotions, rather than run from them.

It’s only when we face our fears, that we can understand them, accept them, and have the courage and strength to move on, open to new, and better possibilities.

3. Your dream means you’re dealing with a situation reminiscent of them

Perhaps there were certain situations going on particularly when the two of you were together. Your dream about your ex may not necessarily be about them, but about the issues you were facing about that time.

To be clear on this, it would be great to take time out and reflect on what it is you were going through or struggling with back then. Money issues? Issues at work? A health challenge? Or was your ex fond of making you feel less than?

It’s possible in your present life, you’re confronting a situation that reminds you of how you felt, when you were with your ex, and that’s all there is to it.

4. You’re afraid of being hurt again

Perhaps you’re about to enter a new relationship, or friendship, or even a new business venture. Suddenly, you’re having dreams about your ex.

A possible meaning is you currently have some anxiety about trusting in this new person, or new venture. You have worries that things will not turn out right. Since things did not work out with your ex, it’s not far fetched for your mind to associate the concept of failure, with your ex.

You need to take some time out to remind yourself that not everything fails, and not everyone will let you down. There are still some good, genuine people out there, and the only way you can experience any of that goodness, is to let go of the fear, and open yourself up to the possibilities.