What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Spouse Cheating?

Dreaming about your spouse cheating on you can be a kick in the gut – one almost as painful as being cheated on for real. If you have a dream about this, you naturally would be curious to find out why.

Read on to find out – and remember, carefully evaluate the contexts of your dream, and your waking life, before you decide that a particular meaning applies to you.

1. You suspect your spouse is cheating on you

Perhaps there have been things going on in real life that have caused your suspicion of them to rise. Unanswered calls, calls being answered in the bathroom, late nights, you know, the usual suspects.

Suspecting your partner of cheating, sooner or later, will lead to you having dreams about them doing just that. Perhaps it would be best for you to confront the issues that bug you, in  a loving, and gentle manner. Or you might simply need to trust them more. Is your birthday or anniversary coming up?

Maybe they’re making awesome plans and have to sneak around so you don’t catch on! Whatever the case may be, your dream could be a reflection of your thoughts, and nothing more.

2. You feel you’re being robbed of something you truly deserve

Sometimes, a dream about your spouse cheating on you, might not really be about your spouse. Perhaps there’s a promotion at work that you feel should have been yours. You’ve daydreamed for hours on end, about the day all your hard work at the office is noticed and pays off.

Next thing you know, the position that should have been yours is filled by someone you feel is incompetent. Your dream could be a reflection of how you feel cheated of something that truly matters to you.

3. Your subconscious is telling your your spouse is ACTUALLY cheating on you

You need to be really careful, before you latch onto this as a possible meaning. Sometimes, you might know something before you actually see concrete proof.

The subconscious mind is great at picking up hints and clues that we may never consciously become aware of, until it all blows up in our faces. Your subconscious mind could simply be giving you a “heads up,” so when you see it, you’re ready to deal with it.

4. You’re about to be betrayed

This does not necessarily mean it’s your spouse who will betray you. It could be a close friend or a work buddy you think you can rely on.

Your subconscious could use a dream about your spouse cheating to alert you to the possibility, so you can be on your guard, or at least prepared to deal with the outcome of the betrayal heading your way.

5. You’re scared of being abandoned

Your dream could reflect your fear of being abandoned by the people that matter most to you – in this case, represented by your partner. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your spouse you’re worried about.

It could be someone else that you feel is just as important. Is there something going on in your life that makes you feel a loved one is about to exit your life for good?

Maybe it’s time for you to reach out to them, and nurture the relationship.