What Does It Mean When You Dream about Falling?

Falling dreams are usually not fun. Have you been plagued by them lately? Are you wondering what meaning they might have for you? Read on to find out!

1. You’re plagued with insecurities

If you’re going through a very difficult time in your life, where you’re not sure where up or down are, then it’s not unusual for you to dream of falling.

A falling dream can be a reflection of your current state of mind. As you fall, you have nothing to hold on to, nothing to break your fall and help you feel solid ground beneath your feet. Financial, relationship, or work related challenges where you are uncertain of the outcome, could lead to falling dreams.

2. You feel completely out of control

As you fall from a great height, you don’t necessarily move in one direction. Mid air, you go from upside down to right side up, to sideways, flailing about, with no control at all.

This dream could be a reflection of how you feel about certain things in your life. So do some introspective thinking. Where in your life do you feel you have no control? How might you take steps to fix that?

3. You’re being reminded you have nothing to worry about

“It’s a falling dream! There’s everything to worry about!” Well, not necessarily. It would depend on the context of the dream. One of two things happen when you dream of falling. You either wake up just as you  hit the ground, or you continue on with the dream after you hit the ground.

In the second scenario, the impact with the ground is actually pretty soft. This dream could be a reminder to you, that whatever ugly challenges you might be facing right now, you’re going to be just fine anyway.

4. You’re afraid of letting go of something or someone

If in your dream, you were hanging on to a ledge, or something of that sort, it could signify that there’s a situation or a person that you think you absolutely need to cling to.

Maybe you think that without this circumstance, thing, or person, you’re absolutely going to fall apart. In this case, the dream is a reflection of your desperation and the erroneous notion that losing something or someone would be the end of you. If this is the case, in your dream, when you do fall, the feeling you get as you lose your grip is sheer terror.

5. You are done hanging on to something, or someone

Yes, there is a flip side to the previous point. If in the dream, you found yourself deliberately letting go of the ledge and taking the plunge, and you feel exhilaration, relief, and freedom as you fall, then this is good news!

It means you have finally let go of a situation or person that you thought you desperately needed to hold on to, and you have found yourself stronger, lighter, and better for it. Or maybe you haven’t let go yet, but your subconscious may be trying to tell you it’s okay to release everything and trust that things will work out perfectly in the end, with or without.