What Does It Mean When You Dream about Roaches?

Roaches. Your skin probably is crawling just reading that word. Those creepy crawly creatures just love themselves some dirt, don’t they?

Why would you be dreaming about them? You hate them, for goodness sake! And you’ve never had issues with them in your home. You’re pretty clean.

So why the dreams about cockroaches? Deep breaths. Got your salt? Give it a little shake. We’re going in!

1. Your life is a huge mess

We all know roaches are drawn to messiness. It’s just how they’re wired. So if you’re having dreams about roaches, then it could be that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you your life is a huge, colossal mess, and you need to start cleaning up, really fast.

It could be a health thing, your love life, your finances, or everything. You alone can be truly honest with yourself. What do you need to fix? Where can you start? Don’t wait another second. Fix your life up. It’s your life!

2. You just might fall ill

A roach dream could also mean you’re about to fall seriously ill. So what do you do? Go for a medical checkup. It’s not enough to ignore those tiny little twinges you feel in your body and say it’s nothing.

Go get yourself checked out, so if there’s anything, you can have it taken care of before it snowballs into something beyond your control and leads to your ultimate, untimely death.

3. You’re dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety

If you dreamed of roaches being all over your body, then that means you’re paralyzed by the fears and anxieties of your daily life. It’s time to take action. You need to get moving.

We’re all afraid of something, true. But the day you let the fear dictate how you live your life, is the day you stop living. So what is it you’re afraid of? What can you do to face it and set yourself free? Go do that.

4. You’re unable to solve them

Trying to catch and kill a flying roach in your dream? Did you just keep failing? Then this signifies problems in your life, which have solutions that are completely out of your reach right now.

Maybe you just can’t figure out how to fix things, or you have, but you don’t have the tools needed to set things right. Either way, these feelings of frustration, of being eluded by the solutions you need, can translate to a roach dream.

5. You’re setting yourself free

Did you dream of killing a roach! Let’s take a moment to celebrate! This signifies a problem, or a fear that you have dealt with for a long time, finally being solved or overcome! It means you have finally set yourself free from the issue, or that you will, in a short while.

This is perhaps the only roach dream you want to have – although we suspect you’d rather not dream of roaches at all. Except if you’re some sort of bug expert – in which case, uh, sure. Have fun with your roach.