What Does It Mean When You Dream about Spiders?

Some people have a very bad case of arachnophobia, which is a very intense fear of spiders. Even if you’re not one of these people, having a dream about spiders is… not particularly nice. Not unless you happen to love spiders or something.

Have you been dreaming about them lately? Wondering what your spider dreams could possibly mean, if anything? Your dreams about spiders will have various meanings, depending on the context in which they play out. Read on to find out!

1. You might be being manipulated

Think about the way a spider weaves its web. Think of how beautiful and well thought out the design of the web is. Then think about how it patiently waits for an insect to get stuck in the web, and then further trap itself the more it struggles to get free.

If you’re dreaming of seeing a spider and it’s web, just sitting there, there’s a huge chance you feel you’re being manipulated by someone in some way. You might have some suspicion that something you’re involved in which seems to be going on without a hitch, is some elaborate scheme to manipulate you into a trap.

2. You’re probably about to be betrayed

Did you dream of being bitten by a spider? Then this is something you need to take seriously. It could be your subconscious, sending you a warning about possibly being double-crossed.

The spider is known to represent feminine figures in your life. Getting bitten by one signifies a relationship with a female that is toxic, and no good for you. You might have picked up on a few subtle, passive-aggressive cues in real life, from this person, that has prompted you to dream of being bitten by spiders.

3. You’re overcoming stumbling blocks in your life

Dream of killing a spider? Good news! This kind of dream means you have overcome a very significant obstacle in your life, one that has given you no end of torment.

It signifies the end of the toxic influence being wielded over you, especially by a feminine figure. So, think about it. Is there someone you know, who’s given you relentless grief? Your subconscious is letting you know you can breathe a sigh of relief now, as all that’s over with.

4. You are troubled with anxieties

If you dreamed of a spider hanging over you, this symbolizes all the troubles and anxieties you’ve had hanging above your head, trailing you like a shadow.

You have issues you’re insecure and worried about, and this kind of dream means it’s time for you to stop avoiding them. It’s time for you to face them head on, so you can be rid of them once and for all. So what is it in your life that has been plaguing you? Time to do something about it.

5. You are moving forward in your life!

Great! But which one of the spider dreams has this meaning? If you see a spider crawling on a wall, then this is excellent for you! It means you’re making giant strides, in all aspects of your life.

If you have goals, dreams, and aspirations, now would be a great time to really give them your all, as you are well on track towards creating the life you desire to have!