What Does It Mean When You Dream about Violence?

Sometimes we have dreams that are unbelievably violent. We can’t quite understand where these dreams are coming from. How could we possibly conjure up so much trouble in our own minds?

We’re going to explore the possible meanings of violence in our dreams, and see how these dreams can be used to improve the quality of our waking life, if possible. So, what could violence in your dream mean?

1. You’ve got a lot of anger bottled up inside you

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? If your dream is really violent, but you’re a generally amiable person, this might not make sense on the surface.

But, since you always get on well with others, no matter the situation, then it’s not unreasonable to have violent dreams, so you can work out all the rage you’ve got inside you, that you never let yourself express in real life.

Your subconscious mind is working to help you process your feelings. Don’t be afraid to be angry. Just be sure to channel it constructively, and only speak or take action after about ten deep breaths. Finding ways to vent that are safe, is a good way to quell those violent dreams.

2. You’re feeling really helpless in some aspect of your life

It could be in work, or with family. No matter what it is, the feeling of helplessness makes you wish you could exert some sort of power and control. It makes you wish you could just take the bull by the horns and get it to do exactly what you want it to – but you feel like you can’t.

So you have violent dreams – especially the kind where you’re the one inflicting pain and suffering on everyone else. This kind of dream is cathartic. It’s a coping mechanism for whatever it is you’re going through. Also, your subconscious is preparing you to actually take action, so you can end the feelings of helplessness.

3. You’re afraid of someone

If in your dream, the violence is being committed against you by someone, it could be that you’re afraid of this person in real life. You’re afraid of the way they attack you physically, or psychologically, and this fear carries over into your dreams.

The way to fix this is either to address this bully head on, or in a situation which calls for it, call on law enforcement, or find a way to remove them from your life.

At the very least, try to have no more interaction with them than is required, while you work on rebuilding your damaged self-image.

4. You’re dealing with repressed memories of child abuse

It’s an ugly issue that needs to be confronted. Growing up, there’s not much you can do to defend yourself from the predators around you.

If you were an unfortunate victim of child abuse, chances are as you grew older, you did your best to blot out that experience from your mind. However, it’s always there, lurking.

Your violent dreams could be a way of allowing yourself to deal with all the trauma you went through in the past. It helps you release all the rage, and feelings of utter helplessness. It could also be that you’re not quite over what happened, and in that case, you should seek professional help.

5. You simply watched something really violent

The thoughts we have before we sleep have a way of showing up in our dreams. So if you were up playing a really violent video game, watching a violent show or movie, or reading a book about blood and gore and war, don’t be so surprised if your dreams give you more of the same!