What Does It Mean When You Dream about Someone Constantly?

The first time you dream of someone, it’s no big deal. You have dreams, and in dreams there are faces and places, and more than a few of them are bound to be already very familiar to you in real life, no big deal.

The second night in a row, what do you know? The same face! Okay, cool, but again, not a big deal. At least, not until you’ve dreamt about them the third, fourth, umpteenth time in a row. We’re guessing this is you. Why else would you be here?

You want to know exactly what it means – if anything – when you see the same person in your dreams, all the time. We’re here to help.

1. No big deal

Maybe that’s not what you want to hear, but sometimes, it really doesn’t mean anything. The thing about dreams, is that they’re basically constructed from your memory. Everything and every person you’ve ever seen, can and will be drawn upon to create your dream.

So if you’re seeing someone over and over in your dream, it might mean nothing. They might only be a filler, and nothing more. Did you ever watch The Matrix? If you have, then you get the idea.

2. They might represent something unresolved in your waking life

It very well could be that they’re only a representation of something that you’ve been thinking about, or something you’ve refused to think about. Something that’s posed a bit of a problem, or a challenge to you.

To figure out what it is this person represents, you want to check in with yourself to see what you’re trying to fix or work on. A useful thing to do, is think about who this person is. Is it your boss you keep seeing?

Then maybe she represents something to do with your work. Maybe you’re thinking of a raise, or promotion, or of starting somewhere new altogether.

3. They might represent a part of yourself you need to pay attention to

The wonderful thing about dreams, is that they provide a landscape for showing us our true selves. There might be a part of yourself that you’ve neglected for a very long time, that could use some healing, or some attention.

You could be sending yourself a warning, through your dreams – not that this person is dangerous, but that you need to pay attention to whatever aspect of yourself they might represent.

For example, if the person you dream of is naturally bold and audacious in real life, it could be a call to you to stop being timid, and become just as bold about your life and the decisions you make.

4. You might need to resolve your issues with this person

This one would apply, especially if you both had a falling out, or a huge misunderstanding that has ruined your friendship or relationship.

You might be at a point where you’re ready to fix things with this other person, having thoroughly gotten over the pain and disappointment.  So consider taking a step towards reconciliation, and then see if you dream of them again.

If you do, check to see if the tone of the dream has changed in anyway. Maybe each time you saw them, it felt sad. By your next dream – that is, if you dream of them again – it could cause you to feel happy instead.

5. They might be a dream walker

No, we’re not kidding. Let’s not pretend that we have everything figured out, when it comes to such things as dreams. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, you know just how magical it all is.

If you’ve ever had a literal Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE), also known as “astral projection,” then you know for a fact that dream-walking is not necessarily such a stretch.

What is dream-walking? It’s basically – yes, you beat us to it – inception. As in you enter into other people’s dreams. Fascinating right? Dreams are fascinating!