What Does It Mean When You Dream about Fire?

Dreams about fires can be equal parts wondrous and terrifying. Have you been dreaming about fires lately? Wondering if you might be a closet pyromaniac?

Are you worried you might set something on fire accidentally one of these days? What could these oh-so-fiery dreams mean? Read on to find out – but remember to take it all with a pinch of salt!

1. You’re very passionate about something

Have you been utterly consumed by something lately? Maybe it’s the possibility of new love. Maybe it’s a new found talent you’re really enjoying. Maybe it’s that you’ve finally found your purpose in life. If any of these is the case for you, then a fire dream is not weird at all.

It’s simply a reflection of the passion that you’re feeling  in the moment, blazing within you, heating up every part of you that was once cold and unfeeling. Whatever it is that has you going hot, this is one fire you definitely want to feed!

2. You’re destroying everything that no longer serves you

If your fire dream had you feeling very empowered, then it could simply be a reflection of you destroying everything that holds you back in life. The fire is consuming things that do not serve your passion and purpose.

If you haven’t already begun, then it is a message from your subconscious mind, that the minute you begin to “burn up” all these useless anchors you have in your life, you will catapult yourself to levels you have always longed to reach.

3. You’re eliminating the challenges you face

Did you dream about putting out a fire? Then this could mean you getting rid of a particularly challenging situation or problem you’ve been dealing with.

Reflect on your waking life to see what exactly has been stressing you out lately. Then sit down and think proactively about ways you could deal with this. You will succeed, because your subconscious mind has communicated as much to you, by giving you a dream where you put out a fire.

4. You are unable to control your anger

Was your dream about a raging fire that you just couldn’t control at all? Then this could be a reflection of the anger you feel inside. If you have constant outbursts, and you genuinely feel they’re out of your control, then this type of dream reflects your level of anger.

You might have justifiable reasons for the rage you feel, but don’t be afraid or too proud to seek out professional help.

5. Something new is coming into your life

Your fire dream could be indicative of you getting rid of the old, and accepting the new in your life. So take stock on your waking life. Is there an opportunity for something new that you’ve been afraid to take? A new business? A new lover? A new friend? A new city you have to move to? Go on and take it.

The best way to experience the growth we seek, is by allowing change, and getting out of our old patterns and habits of being. Welcome the new with open arms!