What Does It Mean When You Dream about Rats?

If you’re dreaming of rats, it could mean you suffered from the bubonic plague in your past life. Just kidding. You’re here to find out what your dreams about rats might mean, and we’re happy to help!

Some people have rats as pets, and some people absolutely loathe them. This could play a part in determining what your rat dream means to you.

We’re going to give you a few possible meanings of your rat dreams. Remember as always, the meanings will depend on the context of your dreams, and in the end, you’re really the only one who can tell what your dreams mean to you, if they mean anything at all.

1. You’re really scared about something in your life

If your dream is about a dead rat, it means, there’s something you’re frightened of in your life. You may not have been willing to face the fact that this thing scares you, preferring to be optimistic.

While there’s nothing wrong with maintaining a cheerful disposition, there’s a point where you just have to stop, and acknowledge that you are afraid. Only then can you begin to take control of the situation, by coming up with solutions.

Your subconscious is asking you to stop whitewashing things, and actually do something about it!

2. You’re being warned about someone or something you should not trust

This is especially true, if you dream of a particularly filthy rat. You’ve heard the saying, “a dirty rat?” That expression usually refers to someone who breaks your trust, or in mafia-speak, snitches on you. This dream is a warning about a potential betrayal about to happen, so you should keep your eyes open.

On the flip side, the dream may be about you being the snitch.

3. You’re going to go through tough times, but you’ll come out on top

If your dream was about a white rat, then it means you need to prepare yourself for a bumpy ride ahead, with whatever it is you may consider an important project or issue in your life.

Your subconscious is trying to prepare you for the worst, but also to reassure you that no matter what happens, you’re going to come out on top, and in the end it would all have been worth it. This is a good dream to have, if you find yourself already wading through troubled waters in your life.

4. You just might be afraid of rats

Sometimes your rat dream is no more than a representation of your fear of rats.

Maybe you watched a movie or a documentary about them shortly before going to bed. Maybe a friend told you a scary rat story, or you just happened to remember some experience you had with a rat, shortly before you fell asleep.

It so happens that the last thought we have before we finally drift off to sleep, can carry over into the dreams that we have. So your rat dream might be nothing more than a dream about rats.

5. Someone might be out to get you

If you dreamed of a rat nibbling at you, or biting you, this could mean there is someone close to you who is out to get you in a really bad way. You have most likely picked up on cues of this person’s intent, subconsciously, and your subconscious is trying to warn you of the impending malicious plans this person has for you.