What Does It Mean When You Dream about War?

Have you ever dreamed about war? Has this been a constant type of dream lately? Of course, you’d be curious to know why you’re dreaming about war.

It’s especially weird when it’s not like you ever were a soldier, or you’ve ever experienced real life war conditions. So what gives? Let’s see a few potential meanings of your war dreams.

1. It’s nothing. You watched or read something about war lately

If you read or watched something that talked about war – especially shortly before bed – then it’s not unusual that you’re having a dream of being smack dab in the middle of a war.

Whatever you pay attention to shortly before you drift off to sleep at night, tends to be incorporated in some form or another in your dream. So if you just watched a show or movie, or read a book, and the primary topic was war, there’s your reason for the dream! You have nothing to worry about.

2. Your life feels like utter chaos

If you have an incredibly busy schedule, or were just thrown suddenly into a situation where your life has turned upside down and you now barely recognize yourself, then your war dream could simply be a mirror image of how you feel and what you’re going through.

Your subconscious mind wants the best for you, and so it’s helping you process everything you’re going through, by giving you a dream where you’re at war.

3. You’re a little too aggressive

If you only ever handle situations and interactions with others through aggression, then you’ll have dreams about war.

If you’re constantly at loggerheads with everyone, bullishly refusing to look for solutions, preferring to be right instead of being at peace, then of course, you’ll have war dreams.

These dreams are showing you, to yourself. You’re all about force, and hardly employ reason or logic. For these dreams to stop, you have to make a commitment towards being a more reasonable, cool-headed individual, in your daily dealings with others. Calm down!

4. You’re not assertive enough

Your war dream – especially if you’re on the losing side and getting badly crushed – could be indicative of the fact that you let people walk all over you. You might as well walk about with a huge sign that says “Doormat. Stomp your feet here.”

Sometimes in life, you need to learn to speak up, if you want to be heard. It’s great to be agreeable, but don’t lose your voice in the process. You have the right to express yourself fully. Your wants, needs, and concerns are just as valid as the next person’s.

5. You feel we’re on the brink of war

Your dream of war could simply be a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about the state of affairs in our world today. A simply glance at the news, or the papers, or even social media is more than enough to let you know we’re just a hair’s breadth away from utter disaster.

Your dreams could be showing you how you feel about living in these times. The best we can do, is continue to love and care for one another, and hope for the best.

Some things are completely out of your hands. So rather than let your fear of war cripple your life, try to give the very best of yourself to the world, so it can be a better place.